We create our reality with our minds. If we want to change our reality, then it’s time for us to change our minds. We do this by choosing to think and speak in new and positive ways. I learned a long time ago that if I would change my thinking, I could change my life. Changing our thinking is really dropping our limitations. As we drop our limitations, we begin to be aware of the infinity of life all around us. We begin to understand that we are already perfect, whole, and complete. Each day gets easier.
— Louise L. Hay

4 Steps to Transforming Yourself from a Worrier to a Warrior

If you look closely, you will notice that there are only four small vowels that differentiate a worrier from a warrior. Similarly, with only a few small shifts in perspective, you can transform yourself from an ineffectual worrywart to a resourceful, decisive individual.

There is a difference between being concerned and being worried. A concern is something that requires your attention, interest, and care; it is something that affects your welfare and happiness. To be concerned engages your awareness toward a desired outcome. Whereas, worry is a repetitive thought pattern that causes anxiety and lacks clarity or perspective. It is corrosive and depleting. Worry is self perpetuating and disempowering, rarely leading to a solution or worthwhile course of action.

A warrior is not a person who seeks unnecessary conflict. A true warrior is a person who is able to respond in difficult or threatening situations, decisively with strength, focus, and determination. A warrior is able to turn fear into positive action. By transforming from a worrier to a warrior, you are able to meet concerns with right and just action. Here are four shifts in attitude and perspective that can help you in your transformation.

1. Worriers live in the past and the future. They recycle the past, reliving hurts, failures and injustices, and project them into the future with, What if this and What if that Warriors live in the present. Their creed is What was, was, and what is, is. A warrior determines, what are the best options for optimum results from this point forward?

2. Worriers are stuck in their head, wasting time and energy battling perceived obstacles and playing out imagined scenarios. Warriors challenge their assumptions and preconceived notions, because they know the acronym for fear is: false evidence appearing real. Each challenge needs to been understood from all perspectives. Warriors utilize each of their six senses to assess the situation. Their mind, body, and heart are unified in knowledge and purpose before they move.

3. Worriers live from the outside in. External circumstances set off automatic reactions. There is no pause between cause and effect. Warriors live from the inside out. Their values and integrity determine how they respond to a situation. They have a strong honor code and a well established core belief system. They embrace the power of choice and their own response-ability.

4. Worriers expect the worse and see only limitations. Warriors see a myriad of possibilities and have a deep sense of faith and trust. They maintain a long term perspective, knowing you may lose a battle but still win the war. Warriors are able to let go of the uncontrollable and focus their attention on the areas where they can be effectual.

The next time you find yourself fretting over a situation, no matter how serious and real the issue may be, review the above list and select one shift in attitude or perception that you can make to gain greater clarity. This will not be an exercise that you try once and victory is achieved. It will take practice, practice, practice. But the awareness that you have choice and that your life need not be dictated by repetitive, autonomic emotions can be a huge and dramatic shift. This is the path of the Inner Samurai.