Carol McClelland, Ph.D. has put together a wonderful training program for anyone working with clients in Transition. The Seasons of Change is a metaphor based on nature’s seasons and provides us with a wonderful way to talk with clients about transition. The result is an incredibly clear road map that clients ‘get’ instantly. The training program gets 5 stars (*****) from me!
— -- Rebecca Kieler: Career and Life Transitions Consultant, Kieler Career Consulting
Your class has been such an eye-opener for me personally and has also inspired creativity. I went over the recurring “false spring” with a corporate client I am working with and did we ever have a break-through. The imagery was rich! In our meeting today, we used nature as a backdrop for the client’s much needed time away in order to find new and fresh ideas.
— -- Ruth Ann Harris, M.Ed. MA: Life Coach Wellness/Transition Coaching for Executives, Corporate Staff and Individuals, Life Sketches
The Seasons of Change is a wonderful continuation and elaboration of William Bridges’ book Transitions. Carol McClelland, Ph.D. accurately and sensitively describes the emotions and process people experience when in transition. Because the Seasons of Change is based on nature, readers connect immediately to the model and have a felt sense of the process. Carol’s approach, both warm and practical, is grounded, subtle, wise, and exceptionally rich.
— Anne Peek: Professor of Human Development, Graduate Program at St. Mary's University of Minnesota
Carol’s book, The Seasons of Change is a must read for anyone experiencing a major change or transition in their life, whether chosen or not chosen. It is not only beautifully written, but creatively presented. The personal stories, the metaphors, and wisdom from nature make this a brilliant and beautiful book and one that will be useful time and again.
— Patrick Williams, MCC: President of Institute for Life Coach Training and co-author of Therapist as Life Coach: Transforming Your Practice
I took the SOC-1 training at the beginning of the year during a difficult time and the model has led me through a season of deep healing. I had been stuck in a grief for years and the closing of my business added to the feeling of despair. This model gently guided me through a transition of fulfillment and letting go. I haven’t felt this balanced and peaceful in years. Next month I am going to begin leading a series of Season of Change mini-retreats and I am so excited about it. I’m revisiting the seasons and putting it all together. It just makes me feel good! Can’t wait to share the model with others.
— Trisha Rockwell