Wisdom of the Seasons



Stand still.

Be Winter;
like the solitary snow flake
bedazzled by your authenticity.

Be Spring;
Your body tender and moist
before the fertile Earth’s offering.

Be Summer;
Burning fierce with Winter’s dream
holding visions of ripened wheat fields
that will feed the many.

Be Autumn;
Letting go of all you are not
as you bare your most authentic self
for all to see.

Stand still
at each season’s gateway of initiation
as you reclaim
your natural self
in all her radiance and glory.

The reflection you see
is Earth asking to be invited
into the center of your fire
where it can lead you
by the hand
into the light of what is yet to come
if only you have the wisdom
to wait a bit longer
than you think you should;

For every season comes and goes
leaving clues that will lead you
back to yourself;
If you can but follow Nature’s lead.

~ Edveeje Fairchild