13 CCEUs (6 Core Competencies + 7 Resource Development)

Earn the designation of Purpose Clarity Certified Coach

For Coaches, Therapists, and Counselors who work with clients who are:

  • Searching for their purpose in life
  • Looking for a new direction
  • Reevaluating their priorities
  • Craving more meaning in their life

If your clients are finding it difficult to figure out their focus. 

  • They may not be completely clear what they enjoy
  • They may know they enjoy many things but they can't pinpoint their main focus
  • They may have had a focus but it isn't feeling solid any more

As a result of working through the Purpose Clarity Program your clients will have:

  • More clarity about who they are and what gives them a sense of meaning
  • A clear statement of their purpose
  • Ideas about how they might bring purpose to their life through their work or service
  • An action plan to help them do just that


Who Benefits from Using the Purpose Clarity Program?

The Purpose Clarity Program is a versatile program that helps you work with a wide variety of people including those 

  • Wrestling with a life situation or transition - Your clients may be going through a major life transition, a personal awakening, or reinventing themselves after an illness, divorce, job loss, relocation, or disaster. Or they may be reclaiming/rediscovering their identify; identifying their future direction now that they aren't working, or dealing with changes in the composition of their family - empty-nesters, parents of boomerang children, etc
  • Trying to make a critical career decision - Your clients may be a graduating senior or recent graduate, seeking a job or changing careers, or returning to work after a stint of stay-at-home parenting, care giving, or illness. They may be evaluating their retirement options, or relocating military spouse or military personnel re-entering the civilian world.
  • Deciding about your academic future -Your clients may be trying to declare a major, figuring out what graduate school program to apply to, or making a decision to return to school.

How Does the Purpose Clarity Program Work?

The Purpose Clarity is a four-part coaching program, created by Carol McClelland, PhD, that gives you a step-by-step framework for working with clients to help them convert their passions and interests into a clear purpose and direction.

  • Part 1: Clients identify their passions and interests.
  • Part 2: Clients brainstorm up to 40 ideas in less than an hour.
  • Part 3: Clients use their top ten ideas to discover your purpose.
  • Part 4: Clients create a plan for how to bring their purpose to life.