As a Life Coach, I love supporting people through transitions by helping them to embrace change and reinvent their lives.

As your personal coach, I support and guide you by helping you to:

  • Clarify your vision of the life you want to lead and the person you want to be.
  • Hear your own voice by mirroring the words and energies you put out into the world.
  • Explore the many paths open to you and identify which one is most aligned with your values and integrity.
  • Lay out action steps to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Acknowledge that extreme self care and investing in yourself is absolutely essential to your own well being!

I walk beside people who are seeking to:

  • Step out of the box into endless possibilities
  • Step out of an old persona into a wise and authentic self
  • Step out of the doldrums into a life of fulfillment and wonder.

Personal Coaching Options

Walk and Talk: One on one coaching sessions walking in a park or arboretum in the greater Philadelphia area. This is my preferred method of coaching, stepping outside, walking, and talking. In doing so, a person’s words immediately become connected with forward motion, the intellect becomes connected with the body, and the journey begins.

Virtual Walk and Talk: Even if you life outside the greater Philadelphia area, you can still experience a personal coaching walk and talk session. Just grab your phone and an earpiece, go to your favorite walking place, and give me a call.

Phone Session: For those simply prefer easier accessibility, I also conduct personal telephone sessions.


Your Next Step

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