What do you do when your world has been turned
upside down by some unexpected news?

How do you cope with life’s inevitable twists and turns?

How can you embrace change and make it work to your advantage?

Continuous change is inevitable and essential to life.  In fact, change is the only constant in life. Yet for most of us, no where in our upbringing or education are we taught how to manage change and few of us are comfortable with it. We spend a great deal of energy avoiding it, denying it, and postponing it for as long as possible.

If we step out of our controlled environment and look at the natural world around us, we receive a very different message about change.  Look at any living thing, a sunflower, for example, and we see that growth occurs from the inside out. It takes time and happens gradually. Then dramatically, incremental growth blossoms into a major transformation.

When dealing with life’s transitions, we can learn from nature’s example of the four seasons.

  • In fall, when imminent change is showing its colors, it’s time to create a refuge and gather support around us. 
  • Next we need time to winter, to turn inward for reflection and renewal, gradually letting go of our old story and starting anew.
  • In late winter it’s time to develop a plan around our new insights, so that we are ready for spring.
  • Then we can spring into action, till the soil, and plant the seeds of our new identity or venture.
  • Finally after all the reflection and hard work, we can enjoy the summer and allow the fruits of our labor to ripen.

The Seasons of Change® is a wonderful transition model developed by my mentor Carol McClelland, PhD and is the foundation of my coaching. We need to understand that resisting change is futile! Change is growth. If we learn to embrace it, imagine all the time and energy we would save.  By understanding and moving through the cycle of the seasons of change, we can learn to move gracefully through life’s ups and downs.

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