The special bond found in female friendships has proven to have tremendous benefits both emotionally and physically.  Unfortunately in our segmented, transient society, many women do not have close friends with whom they can have meaningful conversations. A circle of women creates a sacred space that allows each to be more deeply present and proactive in their lives.

Emotional Benefits: Research has shown that through their friendships women build nurturing, emotionally-fulfilling bonds that serve as highly effective support systems. Within these relationships, women gain self esteem and validation. They find support in times of trouble and safe avenues for expressing their feelings and thoughts. In general, women with close female friends experience greater happiness and fulfillment

Physiological Benefits: A landmark UCLA study found that in times of stress, when men normally respond with a “fight or flight” reflex, women have an additional choice in their behavioral repertoire, to “tend and befriend.” They pull together to support and nurture one another. This behavior releases extra Oxytocin, a chemical that counters stress and produces a calming effect. Women connecting with women can actually assist in lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol.

A Harvard Medical School Nurse’s Health Study further shows that because stress also wreaks havoc on blood glucose levels, healing, bone density and the aging process, women’s friendships can help counteract all these detrimental effects of stress as well. Conversely, researchers also concluded that NOT having close friends is as detrimental to your health as smoking or carrying extra weight.

Current Group Coaching Opportunities

  •  The Wise Women’s Cafes were formed to foster and strengthen these important relationships.  To help deepen and focus the conversation, each series of 8 gatherings focuses on a carefully chosen book that addresses common challenges and encourages personal growth.
  • Purpose Clarity Coaching Group gives you the opportunity to explore your skills and interests and discover your purpose and direction.