I’ve been thinking of you and how great it was to work with you as I contemplated the next phase of my working life. I’m in my second semester of the Masters in Landscape Architecture program and loving it! I just want to thank you again for being such a reflective and wise guide on this journey. Your insights, questions and the tools you shared really helped to set me on a new path that is a great fit for me.
— Peg Shaw
Each time I meet with Karin she is instrumental in helping me see a part of myself which I have been obscuring.
— (A woman finding her personal vision)
For several years I tried unsuccessfully to shift my career priorities. I would take steps towards the change I longed to make and then stop at the same point again and again. Working through the Seasons of Change with Karin’s guidance, I was able to identify the detours and missed steps that impeded my transition. Now I am making steady progress towards meaningful work for the next stage in my life.
— Mary A. Scherf, Esquire
Karin is a good listener. She pays thoughtful attention to what I say and offers helpful insights. It is generally not easy for me to open up to other people, but Karin is warm and low key. She creates an atmosphere of trust. I also welcome her format of walking and talking. Moving in the outdoors while trying to get at the heart of what’s going on inside me is a winning combination for me.
— (Lawyer turning writer)
Karin provided me with tools to begin setting reachable goals. She coached me in identifying habits and patterns of thought and behavior which got in my way of moving forward. Karin was very warm and, humorous and encouraging. Her coaching style helped me feel free to open up and she knew how to push me when I needed it.
— (Psychotherapist seeking renewal)
Karin has been extremely supportive as I am sorting out and processing my various issues. As she urges me to examine my thoughts and feeling as a way to clarify issues at hand, it is always in a compassionate and nonjudgmental manner. I am therefore able to speak with her comfortably, trusting her with my process including my strengths and vulnerabilities.
— (Woman processing family and employment transitions)