Unconditional Acceptance of Life

In her book "Kitchen Table Wisdom," Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. talks about “the power of taking an unconditional approach to life … a willingness to show up for whatever life may offer and meet with it, rather than wishing to edit and change the inevitable.”

An unconditional acceptance of life: What a powerful concept! We all have a deep-felt need for
unconditional love, but it is an ideal rarely fulfilled, perhaps because we’ve missed a vital pre-requisite—the unconditional acceptance of life. This concept embraces the belief that everything happens for a reason or, more accurately, there is something to be learned from every situation. Its realization silences all the self-doubts and self-criticisms, senseless blaming, and the endless lamenting of “Why me?” It opens the door to self-love, a threshold that is necessary to cross before one can unconditionally love another."

The above is an excerpt from my book "Birding Through Cancer: A Seasons of Change Journey."  I was thrilled to receive and endorsement from Dr Remen:

Among the many books I have read about the Cancer experience, “Birding Through Cancer” is completely unique. Karin Marcus walks a path through the challenges of life threatening illness with the sensitive eye of an expert bird watcher and the wise perspective of a seasoned Life Coach. She has filled her book with wonderful quotes and exquisite pictures of the creatures of the sky. The outcome is a one of a kind book which is a passionate celebration of the love of life that is the foundation of all healing. It will inspire you.
— RACHEL NAOMI REMEN MD Author, Kitchen Table Wisdom